Maple Street Book Shop has been around for quite a while. We aren’t as old as dirt, but we’re as gritty. Established in 1964, we began our trek through NOLA life with two sisters, Mary Kellogg and Rhoda Norman. We have been smaller and larger than we are now and we have a new owner, Donna Allen, but the essential bite and crunch of Maple Street has remained the same.

Like many others, we are working on balancing our local presence in a high-tech world. Social media is vital to the existence of many indies. These new-fangled contraptions called computers have really gummed up the works and dang whoever invented the Internet.

For the right people and the right places, social media is a haven of ideas and connections that cannot be found in other places. We have found this to be true for our store, and thus, we are forging ahead with Twitter, Facebook, and now, a blog to enhance our connections with readers and thinkers everywhere, in real-time and virtual NOLA. The opportunities are endless out there, in here, and we hope this is the first of many posts we’ll share.