I did not want to twit, tweet, twitter, or twat, as Stephen Colbert calls it.

I did not want to create a Facebook fan page for myself.

I did not event want to promote my book because I felt like a used car salesperson.

But I did it all.

Carol, who used to work for PublishingWorks, my publisher, peer pressured me into tweeting. I had zero inkling what in the hell I was doing. An “@ reply”? A DM? I started in the spring of 2009, and I soon became attached to my Twitter contacts. I could not have cared less about promoting my work, I wanted to have conversations with fine, funny people on Twitter.

Tweeting led me to Michele, NH “it” girl and events coordinator at RiverRun Bookstore, and Liberty, NH smart ass and bookseller at RiverRun. They sustained me through a summer until the time my husband and I moved to New Orleans, and Michele has been my inspiration for my own social media activities and how I try to do things at Maple Street.

My tweeting further led me to Karen, a writer who cofounded the New Orleans Musicians Relief Fund with her husband and smart as a whip political commentator, and unbelievably, a resident of New Orleans. Karen, my best friend here in NOLA, brought me to Maple Street Book Shop where Cindy handed me my first FIGHT THE STUPIDS bumper sticker which I plastered onto my computer case.

When we moved here in July, I interviewed with another bookstore, and then, remembering my experience at Maple Street, I marched myself on down there, paperwork in hand. Over the course of the previous year, I had been unintentionally gathering experiences and connections which made me marketable and appealing to the powers that be at the store. I am now the social medium (my term) for our book shops.

Is the world expanding or contracting? I am not sure; however, if it were not for Carol, and everyone else I met because of her, I would not be here, writing this blog post for Maple Street Book Shop.

Veronica K. Brooks-Sigler

Bookseller/Social Medium

Maple Street Book Shops