When people hear about our project, I’d say the most common response is, “No, seriously! What the $%^&^%$^& IS up with my love life?

Confusion and ambiguity surround dating and romance these days. What does this text message mean???? Is he asking me on a date or does he just want to hang out as friends? Am I crazy for thinking this guy and I are really connecting over gchat. . .? Why do I feel like my love life is nonexistent. . . and at the same time really, really complicated?

True story. Jess and I get asked these questions all the time now! And we’re not at all surprised. Because these are the same questions we found ourselves asking one fateful night on our Brooklyn couch. I’d been out at a cocktail party, and I came home feeling bummed. OK, I’m a diva, so it was a bit more dramatic than that. “Nobody likes me!” I moaned to Jess. “There are NO MEN in my life. Nobody wants to date me! What’s wrong with me?!”

Long story short – you can read the gory details here – Jess and I realized we were asking the wrong questions about love and romance. We were operating on outdated assumptions. We’d been sold down the river by decades of conventional dating advice that didn’t take into account the modern, technological, empowered world we now inhabit.

We’re a generation of women who have been told a very simple message about men and dating via movies, books and sound bites. That message is “Ladies – a Man knows what he wants. So, if he isn’t clear in his intentions, if he doesn’t ask you out, if he doesn’t actively pursue you, then he’s just not that into you. You deserve better! Move on.”

Consequently, we feel like psychos for thinking things like, Ooh he Facebook friended me . . .maybe he’s interested! or Gosh, I felt like we were vibing at that party, but do you think it’s too forward to email him even though he said to email him that funny link? I don’t know.

Jess and I started WTF?! because we all need these answers. And the truth is, we can all help each other figure this out.

Young people are falling in love every day. Relationships are forming every day. It’s just not happening through “traditional dating” anymore. It’s happening through more ambiguous, self-created ways.

I’d say what gets people really excited about this project is the fact that we’re talking to both women AND men. Yes, you read that right! Dudes are just as confused and mystified as women are. We all crave meaningful connections – but we’re forging them through technology and social dynamics that are new and ever-changing. We ladies and gents live in a post-modern, post-dating world.

Lucky us!

Far from being non-existent, our love lives are now full and rich and exciting and exploratory as never before. But our love lives are complicated (after all, we are complicated! er, complex. . .) So how to be doing this better? How to be forging truly meaningful connections? How to find love? How to start living our love lives today?

The good news: You’re not a psycho for reading into that re-tweet!

The complicated (but fun!) news: That dude is never going to ask you out. But no worries. He’s in your gaggle. And you’re in his gaggle.

Your wha??? His wha???

Join us at Maple Street Book Shop on Monday, November 22, 2010, 6:00 P.M. to hear about your gaggle (what is the gaggle? who is in it? how does it work? what does it mean?). Weigh in with your thoughts and perspective. We want to hear what you think.

WTF?! is now a nationally popular blog, a movie in development at New Line Cinema, a book represented by Trident MediaGroup, and (almost!) an American Apparel T-shirt line. But the truth is, we don’t have all the answers (yet!). We want to delve into what’s happening now – with you, and with us – so that one day we all can sit around feeling good about what the f*ck is up with our love lives

Hope to see you Monday!