Revolution by Jennifer Donnelly has been out for some time now, and I’ve had a copy in my possession since last year. Though it is a YA book, I find the need to read a YA book between “adult” books. There is something satisfying about them, and they recall the pleasure and release I found from reading when I was a young adult myself. This tale about a young woman on the verge of a personal revolution is interwoven with the tale of another young woman living through the French Revolution. I wanted Donnelly to cut to the chase a little bit faster (I’m not a very patient person); however, I enjoyed the way everything came together at the end. The central character, Andi, is likable, even as one cringes at her responses to her father (we’ve all had these exchanges with parents, no?).


Amanda Eyre Ward will be visiting Maple Street in August of this year. I read How to Be Lost by Ward when I was working at RJ Julia in Madison. Her new book, Close Your Eyes, “drops” this summer, and Amanda’s publicist was kind enough to send me an advance reading copy. I am just a few pages in, but Justin Cronin, author of The Passage, says, “Amanda Ward’s Close Your Eyes is electrifying, a literary whodunit of the first order–breathless and disturbing and hopeful and true. You won’t be able to look away. People will be talking about this book.” Save 15% when you pre-order Close Your Eyes via our new online service.


The Artist’s Way is next on my list. We are reading it for the Maple Street Writer’s Circle meeting in May. A circle member suggested it after David Lummis, author of The Coffee Shop Chronicles of New Orleans, mentioned it. Here’s to the creative juices flowing.