Historic Uptown literary establishment, Maple Street Book Shop, is soon to expand into two additional historic New Orleans neighborhoods, Faubourg St. John and Faubourg Marigny. The Faubourg Marigny shop will be located within The New Orleans Healing Center at 2732 St. Claude Avenue and will be open for business in late June. The Faubourg St. John location is at 3141 Ponce de Leon #1 and will be open for business later in the summer. Both locations will house used and new books.

Why are we doing this? For a variety of reasons, none the least of which is that the rate of illiteracy in New Orleans is unacceptable. It’s nearly twice the national average. How can this be in our wonderful city? Literacy is vital to the growth and well-being of any community, whether that community is a well established one located near universities or one having to rebuild itself from the ground up after a massive disaster. Maple Street Book Shop has always been a neighborhood book shop and as New Orleans continues to rebuild its neighborhoods, we want to be there to offer the residents a source for quality literature, a source for affordable reading materials, a source for reading materials in all formats, and a place for literary events.

Fauborg St. John Location

We’ll be fighting the stupids as we go.

~Donna Allen, Owner