Over the years, Maple Street has had its share of brushes with fame. Of course, many larger-than-life authors have been in and out of our doors, Percy, Lewis, Codrescu, Atwood, Grafton, but there have been other moments, random at best, when Fame has looked us right in the eye and winked.

5.  DiCaprio Holding Someone’s Baby

No one seems to know why we have this picture, why DiCaprio is holding this baby, who this baby or the man, presumably the father, is. Nonetheless we have it hanging on our wall at 7523 Maple Street. We are qualifying this aspart of our fifteen minutes.

4. Anne Rice Returns to New Orleans

Chris Wiltz, author of The Last Madam, someone we consider an extension of Maple Street, hosted a party for the Rice family at one point. We still have the invitation.

3. The Clintons Visit the Styrons

One in the family used to be married to a Styron. The Clintons came to visit. We presume there were tea and crumpets.

2.  Berger

On his honeymoon, Berger (Ron Livingston) stood in line with his new wife to meet Dave Eggers.

1. Treme in the Bag

Last fall someone from Treme props came to the store. He wanted some of our bags with our logo on them. I made him pinky swear he was not lying to me, and then, I handed him one of our canvas totes. Toni was carrying our bag on last night’s episode of Treme.

Veronica K. Brooks-Sigler

Social Medium/Bookseller