With the impending ALA convention, we have a great deal happening around the store. Plus, families seem to be trying to get those summer reading books before the fall, to avoid surprises, and for this everyone should be grateful!

Top Sellers: 6/5-6/11

Veronica’s Past, Present & “Future” Perfect


Having read Case Histories by Kate Atkinson, I am now more afraid than ever to become a parent or die alone with lots of cats. Atkinson does one of the weirdest jobs of weaving several disparate story strands together in this book. Fascinating revelations abound in this psychological thriller and no character ends up where she started.


BEA was a wonderful opportunity for me to suck up some YA titles on the horizon. I saw a woman with pink hair and got in line for her book. Someone handed me a bookmark, which was a ticket to meet the author. The publicists asked me for my ticket. I didn’t know I had the ticket. It was all very confusing. However, I did manage to get a signed galley of Daughter of Smoke and Bone (due out in September) by Laini Taylor (woman with pink hair). I do not want to stop reading it, and I am upset when my husband wants me to watch our nighttime shows. The central character, Karou, lives in two worlds, one of which is that of an array of demons. The last page I read has Karou running from a winged enemy.

While this book is YA, I would recommend it for older YA readers.


Danielle of Workman sent me a copy of World Without Fish by Mary Kurlansky, which is next on my list now. I had my environmental scientist husband look at it this evening. He gave it the thumb’s up, but does wish there were a few more pictures. This is a book for younger readers about the depletion of the world’s oceans. Great text for interdisciplinary lessons, teachers.