Shocking true story! I am giving books for Christmas with some Fight the Stupids gear thrown in for good measure:

1.  Fight the Stupids T-shirts:  The people to whom I am giving these will think I am making a political statement of some form, but just fight the stupids by reading a book, man.

2.  The Hunger Games Trilogy:  While this is for my little cousins, I suspect their mother might also enjoy the books.

3.  Sugar Baby: Everyone should have more than her fair sure of holiday sugar.

4.  Obituary Cocktail: This should add a certain something to a cousin’s in-house bar.

5.  Boomerang: Travels in the New Third World:  Actually, I might be making a political statement with this one.

6.  Into the Beautiful North:  If you’ve read Urrea’s work, you know why I was giving this as a gift.

7.  Love at First Bark:  It’s not just because Julie mentions me in the acknowledgements.

8.  Brennan’s New Orleans Cookbook:  I haven’t even had “breakfast at Brennan’s,” yet.

9.  River Road Recipes:  I thought the title was Rocky Road Recipes, but this is good, too.

10.  Meet Marie-Grace:  We have several signed books in the Marie-Grace and Cecile lines for our niece. Miss Cindy hosted a tea party with the authors in November.

11.  The Empire of Death:  Something for everyone . . . truly.

And, I’m not even finished!