ImageShelved up an illustrated medical dictionary this morning, though not before thumbing through it and glancing over the little labeled diagrams of limbs and organs. My mind began to wander shortly after, and from my mental rolodex I’ve settled on this bit of trivia to ponder for the afternoon- authors missing extremities. How many can there be?

WELL, so far I’ve got…

Blaise Cendrars, the famously lauded “one handed poet,” in fact missing a whole arm (pictured above, note the one flaccid coat sleeve).

Robert Creeley, who prominently displayed his hollow eye socket on the covers to his poetry collections.

– And Jame Thurber, a cyclops as well.

– Oh, and while I’m thinking lacking eyes I’m totally counting James Joyce‘s failing eyesight a pertinent (eventual) lack, his one eyeball resting behind that patch of his.

– Hm, and in the case that I may be reaching perhaps we can include Ayn Rand and her missing sense of altruistic compassion? Or am I delineating from the original concept too far?

Any other mutilated writers? This is just the tip of the iceberg, about five minutes of seri0us(?) thought. But hey, what have you got for me?